Two Messages By Dr Jack Hyles

February 3, 2011


Best Christian T-shirt EVER!

February 3, 2011

Run Jesus Run the video game

March 29, 2010

Run Jesus Run: aka the 10 second gospel You have 10 seconds to redeem humanity. (Go to to download PC and Mac executables.)

Looking Good for Jesus — Get Tight with Christ

February 23, 2010

Never be insecure in front of Jesus ever again! This website has everything you’ll need to always “Look Your Sunday Best!”

We Pray the video game

November 18, 2009

Eyes of Faith Eyewear

July 22, 2009

Eyes of Faith website
Some insurance salesman is launching a Christian eyewear company. Check out the video where he boasts that he’s giving away 10% of his profits to his own foundation and how he’s going to cash in on the 5 billion dollar Christian market.

Get your eyes saved here